[Must Watch] Bernie Sanders Slams FDA For Selling Out To Big Pharma

Economics aside, can you imagine what the United States would be like if Bernie Sanders was president of the country? The guy openly admits that the government is bought out by big corporations – including Big Pharma, and would make some major much-needed changes.

Not one to stay silent about issues that matter, Sanders recently spoke about President Obama’s Food and Drug Administration nominee, Dr. Robert Califf.

In the video above, Bernie states:

“Dr. Califf’s extensive ties to the pharmaceutical industry give me no reason to believe that he would make the FDA work for ordinary Americans, rather than just the CEOs of pharmaceutical companies.”

One of Bernie’s core issues is Pharma’s nefarious drug pricing model. He calls this out, then berates their lobbying practices.

Sadly, his efforts were more for show as, days after, Califf was promoted to head of the agency.

Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Credit: YouTube Screenshot

As Natural News reports, this is a travesty of the worst kind, as the Big Pharma shill has been made rich by drug companies and is likely to promote dangerous pharmaceuticals over natural treatments that work. In fact, Califf has taken money from at least 23 different companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Merck, Schering, Plough, and GSK according to a disclosure statement on the website of Duke Clinical Research Institute.

In addition, he thinks whichever wealthy corporation funds the studies should be able to call the shots, according to CounterPunch.org. Califf also thinks the FDA should “consult” with the pharmaceutical industry and that it’s perfectly okay when FDA leaders are on the take from drug companies – as opposed to regulating them.

Finally, Califf is known for defending Vioxx which is reported to have caused at least 50,000 heart attacks and events before its withdrawal. (Merck is said to have known about Vioxx’ cardio effects but marketed the blockbuster drug anyway.)

Only four Senators opposed Califf being promoted to head of the agency, which says something about the U.S. system.

If anything, now is the time to get educated on natural remedies before the FDA tries to sensor them to protect the profits of Big Pharma.

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