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Due to the volatility and high risk in the stock market, many people looking to grow their retirement income are searching for low-risk investment options. Whether you are looking for investment assets to diversify your portfolio or increase your savings to prepare for retirement, understanding MYGA annuities may be the solution you are seeking. MYGA annuities are low risk and have guaranteed fixed interest rates and returns.

Here are frequently asked questions about MYGA annuities to help you understand how it works, its benefits, and if it is the right fit.


What Are MYGA Annuities?

A multi-year guaranteed annuity or MYGA is a category of fixed annuity that offers a pre-decided and contractually guaranteed fixed interest rate for a specific period. MYGA’s interest rates are usually fixed for three to ten years. A multi-year guaranteed annuity is appropriate for someone who plans to retire soon and wants tax deferral and a guarantee of investment returns. MYGAs are an excellent way to generate more income during retirement by increasing any investment assets and securities you hold.

How Do MYGAs Work?

In a MYGA, you pre-determine fixed interest rates and sign a contract with an insurance company. You will pay the insurance company a premium or a fixed sum of money in exchange for a fixed interest rate on your payments for a specific period. This agreement can go on for as long as three to ten years.

Multi-year guaranteed annuities work by leaving a lump sum or series of payments to accumulate interest. You can withdraw money from an annuity before the agreed time for accumulation is over. However, you may have to pay certain fees known as surrender charges. Surrender charges are based on the terms agreed with the annuity provider. You may include in terms of your contract penalty-free withdrawal provisions to waive these fees. Penalty-free withdrawal provisions permit you to make partial withdrawals before the surrender period ends without needing to pay fees.

When the agreed time for building up interest ends, you can receive your initial deposits and interest earned. You may also choose to renew the contract. If you do renew your contract with the insurance company, the interest rates and terms of the contract may be different from the initial one.

The insurance company determines interest rates for MYGAs. For this reason, you must research the rates, benefits, and possible risks before signing a legal contract. It would help if you also spoke to a financial advisor who will guide you through the investment process.

Do MYGA Annuity Rates Change?

MYGA rates are different for each annuity provider, and they change daily. In November 2021, it was possible to gain up to 3.05 percent interest yearly on a ten-year MYGA and 2.95 percent on a seven-year MYGA. Furthermore, In July 2022, the best interest rate for a MYGA with a five-year surrender period was 4.30 percent, and seven-year was 4.50 percent. At the beginning of September 2022, the best rates for MYGAs were 4.50 percent for a ten-year surrender period and 4.60 percent for a seven-year surrender period. The best rates were 4.40 percent for a five-year MYGA and 3.9 percent for a three-year MYGA.

Generally, MYGA rates are often higher than a certificate of deposit (CD) rates, increasing in value each year. Hence, MYGA annuity contracts with stricter withdrawal provisions may have higher interest rates.

How Are MYGA  Annuities Taxed?

MYGA annuities enable you to defer interest taxes and compound the interest annually. Taxes are only applicable when you withdraw funds; this allows you to increase your wealth significantly.

It is like investing in a 401(k) or an IRA, but without fewer restrictions.

However, the tax rules may differ depending on the funding used to purchase the MYGA annuity.

You can purchase the MYGA with qualified or non-qualified funds. If you use a qualified annuity (IRA Annuity), the principal and interest will be taxed. But with a non-qualified MYGA, only the interest will be taxed when the income is withdrawn.

What Happens When a MYGA Matures?

When the interest accumulation term on your MYGA ends or matures, there are a few options available to you. You can choose to withdraw the money plus your interests. If you choose this option, you must pay taxes because MYGAs are tax-deferred.

If you purchased the annuity with qualified funds, which you are yet to pay taxes on, you would pay taxes on the principal and the interest. But, if you used non-qualified or qualified funds that you have already paid taxes on, you will only have to pay taxes on the interest.

You may also renew the MYGA policy or contract. Please note that if you choose to renew, the rates may differ from the original contract. If the interest rate has changed or reduced, you can transfer the money into another MYGA with a better offer.

Additionally, you can also ladder the MYGA annuity. Laddering a fixed annuity is a strategy to have your principal mature faster and at different times instead of long-term. For example, if you have a principal of $210,000, you can split it into $70,000 each in three MYGAs. One can mature in three years, the others, four, five years.

When the MYGA term ends, you can choose to withdraw the money if you need it, reinvest it if you don’t, or continue to ladder your MYGA. This method allows you to withdraw some money while retaining other investments.

Is A MYGA Annuity Right For You?

MYGA is recommended for people who are close to or are in retirement. If you are young or just beginning your career, they are better investment options, like money market funds, savings accounts, stocks, bonds, and short-term CDs. MYGA annuities are low risk and have an adequate interest rate. Its low-risk tendency makes it best for retired people because they are living off their savings.

What Are The Benefits of MYGA Annuity?

  • MYGAs are not tied to the stock market, which means they are not affected by movement or swings in trading price or value.
  • MYGAs are suitable for people with low-risk appetite
  • MYGA annuity contracts secure your principal. You would not lose the money used to purchase the annuity. It is returned in full with interest.
  • The interest rate is fixed. It doesn’t change for the duration of the contract.
  • You can purchase MYGA annuities with qualified and non-qualified funds
  • The interests earned are tax-deferred and can be paid when the MYGA matures.

What Are the MYGA Annuity Risks?

Although multi-year guaranteed annuities are low risks, there is always a level of risk involved with financial procedures.

  • Multi-year guaranteed annuities are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any federal regulatory agencies.
  • Withdrawals made before the MYGA term ends may be subject to withdrawal and surrender fees.

Bottom line: MYGA Annuities FAQ

A multi-year guaranteed annuity is a type of fixed annuity that offers a pre-determined and guaranteed fixed interest rate for a period of three to ten years. It is usually purchased by people who have retired or want to retire. All the questions discussed above will help you understand all you need to know about MYGA Annuities.

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