New Indoor Facility Takes Vertical Farming to A Whole Other Level With Their Ability To Grow 4.5M Pounds Of Greens Annually


A cutting-edge indoor vertical farm, designed by the renowned indoor farming company, Plenty, has emerged in the heart of Compton. And what makes it even more amazing is that it has the capacity to yield an impressive 4.5 million pounds of leafy green vegetables annually. This innovative farm aims to alleviate the food deserts in the region, providing a nourishing solution to the local community.

Indoor farming utilizes advanced technology, such as ultraviolet light arrays to simulate the sun’s rays, and hydroponic growing systems housed in vertical towers. By using liquid fertilizer and mist to cultivate crops without soil, this method offers unique advantages, including the ability to grow certain fruits and vegetables within urban areas and the absence of pest-related issues.

Plenty’s CEO, Arama Kukutai, said, “Plenty is an indoor growing company so we grow plants inside without the sun in controlled environments. We are producing leafy greens and we also produce tomatoes, in the future, we’ll be producing strawberries and other fruit and produce.”

Plenty is proud to share that its Compton facility stands as the sole commercial-scale vertical farm on the West Coast, showcasing its status as one of the most advanced indoor farms globally. The farm’s operations are optimized with the assistance of robotic systems that efficiently transport trays of lettuce, kale, and spinach, while also managing the movement of the vertical towers. Additionally, to foster a strong local connection, many employees are recruited from the Compton community.

Compton Mayor, Emma Sharif, says, “They were very committed to making sure that the people that they hired actually came from the city, came from this community, and this is what they’ve done. They’ve kept the community and to the city and 30% of the people that are hired comes from the community.”

California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary, Karen Ross, also talks about Plenty on the website, sharing, “California agriculture is at the forefront of efforts to ensure climate-resilient food systems through the adoption of innovative technologies and practices. Plenty’s new indoor vertical farm is an example of those efforts and provides an important additional method to grow fresh produce in urban centers, closer to consumers, reducing the draw on our natural resources.”

The fruits of this revolutionary farming approach are now readily available in Compton’s local stores, including well-known retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Walmart, and Bristol Farms. With this farm’s introduction, the community gains access to fresh and nutritious produce, bolstering food availability and contributing to a healthier future.



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