New Short Film About A Boy ‘Coming Out’ Is Going Viral Because, Well, Just Watch It

In just four minutes, the Pixar-like film captures the experience of countless LGBTQ youth.

We’re not crying, you’re crying. At least, you will after watching the new Pixar-like short film In a Heartbeat. Created by a team of design students from Ringling College of Art as part of their computer animation thesis, the project has gone viral for obvious reasons.

The short film features a young boy struggling with his feelings for a fellow handsome classmate. It’s obvious he’s fallen head-first for the boy and his heart yearns to make it known; however, he fears the reprimand of being homosexual from his peers.

In just four minutes, the video captures the experience of countless LGBTQ youth. It also shows there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to love.

Bored Panda relays that the Florida students successfully crowdfunded nearly 5 times the original estimated costs of the film through Kickstarter. Already, it’s gathered over 5 million views. After viewing it for yourself (below), you’ll be begging for a sequel, as well.

Watch In a Heartbeat below:

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