New Study Reveals Australians Own More Guns Following Strict Gun Control Laws

Andrew Puhanic, Contributor

Gun ownership in Australia has soared since the Australian Government enacted strict gun control laws in 1996, according to a new study published by the University of Sydney.

Although more than 1 million firearms were handed over for destruction during the Howard Government’s gun buyback scheme, it has been revealed that gun imports into Australia have been rising and that gun ownership in Australia is at the same level (and trending higher) as it was in 1996 since the introduction of strict gun control laws.

This news comes at a time when the anti-gun lobby has resorted to ignoring the facts about gun violence and proclaiming that the only way to prevent massacres is via government-imposed bans on private citizens owning guns.

During Australia’s gun buyback scheme, more than 728,667 guns were handed over for destruction.

While there was an initial spike when owners of now-banned multi-shot rifles and shotguns replaced their weapons with single-fire guns in the four years after the Port Arthur massacre, gun imports fell and remained stagnant for a short period of time. The lowest number of imports in a financial year in Australia – just under 18,000 – was recorded in 1998-99.

When gun owners who had surrendered their weapons voluntarily and without compensation are included in the figures, it was revealed that more than 1 million guns were destroyed in Australia since 1988. That is one-third of the nation’s private arsenal.

 However, research conducted by the University of Sydney now shows that gun sales are up and that trade has recovered with a steady increase in the 10 years since strict gun laws were introduced, peaking at 66,461 guns imported into Australia in 2009/10, the highest number in 13 years.

In fact, 1,055,082 firearms have been imported into Australia since gun destruction programs began in 1988 at an average of 43,961 guns a year.

This new revelation highlights the propaganda that the anti-gun lobby has conveyed to the unsuspecting public and exposes the false agenda of the anti-gun lobby.

The anti-gun lobby has argued that fewer guns means less violence, however in this example, more guns has not resulted in more violence.

When will Governments and the anti-gun lobby begin analyzing the true causes of gun violence and stop resorting to emotive arguments for gun control?

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