Newspaper Delivery Guy Turns Into A Grocery Delivery Lifesaver For Seniors

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The deadly Coronavirus has seen many heroes all over the world, people who go out on a limb to help others.We all know about the frontliners and health workers, but some others out there deserve some special attention. Helping people should come naturally, but that is ideal. So those who go out of their way to help out are few, and we should be made aware of their sacrifices and selflessness.




One such person is Greg Dailey of New Jersey. He is a paper delivery man with a route in central New Jersey, and was not really noticed by his customers. Even before social distancing came about, Greg was always keeping his customers an arm’s throw away. From his vehicle, he would throw the paper to the houses of his customers, definitely a speedier effort so he could cover more in less time. But, in this time of crisis, an elderly woman asked for a simple favor, could he please pull up and throw the paper closer to the garage?


Greg of course honored the request. But he thought, “if she can’t get the paper at the sidewalk which is 20 feet from the house, in this pandemic, how is she going to get the things she needs?” With that in mind, he decided to do something different, and add a note to the papers he would deliver the next day. The note read, “My name is Greg Dailey and I deliver your newspapers every morning,” many learned his name for the first time. “ I would like to offer my services – free of charge – to anyone who needs groceries.”


Well, soon enough his phone could not stop ringing. Greg takes the orders, shops around for them, and delivers the groceries to their doorstep. So far, more than 100 senior citizens have been assisted by this sacrificing hero. It goes without saying that everybody was surely grateful. Recently widowed 85-year old, Eileen Stein said, “I don’t have enough adjectives. He is one of the finest people in the world.” She even called Greg the closest thing to God. Surely her prayers were answered.

Washington Post

Greg believes that he would continue the service even when the pandemic is over. “There’s something about being able to do something really nice for people,” he continues.  America will surely recover from the Coronavirus. People like Greg will make sure of that. He never even bothered to do his grocery shopping before. Just a guy called to a duty by circumstance, and will stay in service by choice. We thank him for his service.





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