No More Trews: Activist-Comedian Russell Brand Says Goodbye To His Followers

If you are one of Russell Brand‘s many critics, you can celebrate the news that his YouTube Channel The Trews recently aired its final episode. For everyone else who enjoyed his rants against Fox News, global corporations and corrupt governments, it’s a sad time indeed.

In this final episode of the show, aired last week, Brand explains how his controversial news program has affected his life in such a negative way that he feels the need to “step out of the conversation”. Brand says that at times, the vicious attacks on him by the corporate media have been “overwhelming.” His honest reporting on issues such as fracking, Fox news manipulation of facts, global corporations’ tax dodging, privacy and human rights, the privatization of the British national health service, and the arms trade have made him the target of “condemnation” by media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic, specifically those owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Brand talks about how by reporting the news, he has become the news, and how unbearable it is “to feel the machine on you”. He insists he’s not going away forever but needs a period “to learn” so that he can continue fighting for truth and social justice in a more effective way. The decision to stop airing the show came just one day after Brand tackled the issue of decades of organized child sexual abuse by members of the British government. Is this a coincidence, or has he been silenced? You decide.

Will you be sad to see Russell go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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