Nurse Arrested Over Purposely Infecting Patients. She Claims She’s Innocent.


Working as a medical professional can be a difficult thing. Not only are these people entrusted with the health and care of lots of patients, they are also in charge of their patients’ lives. For one particular nurse from Washington State, she had already set off on a long-awaited trip with her fiancé, only to be stopped at Canadian borders claiming that she had intentionally infected patients with the virus Hepatitis C. The hospital claims that she actually did it on purpose, but she says she’s a scapegoat.

After reading this story, what will you believe in?

Cora Weberg


Cora Weberg had been working as a nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, Washington. The 31-year old was ready to take the trip of a lifetime, already waiting at the airport, when something horrible was about to happen.

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