Ohio Prosecutors Consistently “Ignored” Child Rape Cases

Cuyahoga County prosecutor Michael O’Malley  Credit – AP

Lately, story after story has been breaking revealing the collusion of powerful pedophiles and the very systems of government that are meant to protect its youngest, most vulnerable citizens. Now, yet another example has emerged, this time in Ohio where prosecutors in Cleveland stand accused of sweeping numerous child rape and sexual assault cases under the rug. Michael O’Malley, the county’s new prosecutor, has accused former prosecutors, including his predecessor Tim McGinty, with purposefully ignoring approximately 70 rape and sexual assault cases involving juveniles and children by intentionally marking them “inactive” in a computer system used by prosecutors. By labeling the cases as “inactive,” McGinty and his team had neglected their duty to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

Of the cases to be uncovered, charges have now been filed in about of dozen of the 70. O’Malley said that some may not ultimately result in charges while others would be forwarded back to police for further investigation. O’Malley warned, however, that these nearly 70 cases may be just the tip of the iceberg. Over 1,900 cases were marked inactive by former prosecutors and only a fraction of those have been reviewed. He told the Associated Press that he expects more willfully ignored cases involving child rape to appear in the coming weeks as his office’s review of the cases continues. Hundreds of new charges could ultimately be filed as a result. The review has been time-consuming for O’Malley, dominating much of his first six weeks in office. “We’re peeling the layers of an onion […] and every day there are more revelations.”

Some of the cases O’Malley’s team has uncovered have been truly disturbing, with victims as young as three years old, and offer little justification for having been marked inactive by McGinty and others working under him. For instance, several of the cases, some of them years old, would have been straight-forward in determining whether or not to bring charges as suspects had confessed to their crimes. O’Malley commented that he found it “hard to believe” that his predecessor would allow this to happen. “There was a conscious decision [by prosecutors] to make some of these cases inactive,” he added. “It’s outrageous.”

Indeed, the fact that prosecutor would willfully ignore such depraved and egregious crimes certainly flies in the face of reason. However, there are numerous cases of police departments, judges, politicians, and other powerful people in government intentionally and willfully hiding or dismissing the crimes of pedophiles, suggesting that the action of Cleveland’s former prosecutor is not an isolated incident. Yet, with more incidents such as this coming to light practically every day, it’s only a matter of time until people start to realize that pedophilia is an inexcusable and disturbing reality hiding in plain sight, one which must be exposed for the widespread evil it is so it can finally be stopped.

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