Once A Woman, He Broke Free Of Stereotypes To Become The Man He Always Knew He Was

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Jaimie Wilson knew from the time that he was five years old that he was always meant to be a boy. He may have been born a girl, even eventually growing up to have long, flowing blonde hair and womanly curves to boot, but deep down inside he always identified himself as a male. When the time came that Jaimie finally felt the need to be his true self, his family and friends couldn’t come to terms with it. But even losing his loved ones wouldn’t stop him from becoming the man he always knew he was, nor would it stop him from living his life the way he wanted to.

See how he made an incredible transformation for female to male, and doesn’t regret a thing.

Jaimie Wilson, The Only Daughter In The Family

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Jaimie Wilson grew up in an incredibly conservative community in Livingston County, Michigan. As the fourth child, and only girl, in the family, Jaimie seemingly knew from a young age that he was no girl, no matter what kind of body he was born into.

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