Owner Of Restaurant That Burnt Down Paid Employees To Volunteer Afterward

After a fire consumed El Moro Spirits and Tavern based in Durango, Colorado, employees were sure they’d have to find new jobs. Fortunately, the owner of the establishment which burned down due to a faulty water heater did something else to care for those who worked at the restaurant.

The Durango Times reports that employees were asked to volunteer in the local community in exchange for receiving their regular wages from the restaurant. In other words, the staff was paid to “do good” in the nearby area. All were promised jobs again once El Moro is rebuilt.

“We impressed upon them that the community here has embraced us since we opened our doors, so it only makes sense to have some reciprocity there in terms of giving back to the local nonprofits,” commented general manager David Woodruff.

Sarah Moxam is a bartender who was in charge of the wine orders for the restaurant. When the opportunity presented itself, she volunteered at the Community Connection’s Holly House, a non-residential day program for adults with developmental disorders. Moxam also helped out during the holidays at the Durango Community Recreation Center by providing “whatever was needed.”

Other employees volunteered at the Wolfwood Refuge, the La Plata County Humane Society, and the Sexual Assault Services Organization. By helping out the local community in this way, it’s said that the workers formed lasting relationships with countless organizations and helped numerous individuals in the area.

Commented Moxam:

“I definitely feel like we were well taken care of and we’re more of a family now. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to know they wanted to keep us around.”

It’s been four months since the restaurant burned down, and 36 of the previous 42 workers still intend to work at El Moro when it’s open again. That says something about moral. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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