Parody Newsreader Jonathan Pie On His Hilarious Viral Videos: “It’s Funny Cos It’s True”

Comedian and actor Tom Walker is better known as reporter Jonathan Pie, whose spoof videos on the cause of the economic crash and the lies told by the mainstream media were recently posted on True Activist.

Walker’s character is a frustrated newsreader who frequently flies into rages about what he is told to say on-camera. It’s a simple idea for a comedy sketch, and one which has captured the imagination of the public: we all wish that real reporters would just tell the truth, rather than sticking to the establishment script.

“Debt is good, poverty is a figment of your imagination, Weapons of Mass Destruction are good, Russia is always bad…that was the f**king news,” Pie shouted in the hilarious rant that was widely shared on social media, propelling him into the spotlight.

In this RT report, Walker is interviewed about his new-found fame and asked why he thinks Jonathan Pie is so popular. He says:”I’m just an actor and it’s  not for me to comment on the state of the media, but Jonathan Pie the character seems to have a problem with the way things are portrayed.” He goes on: “You can have an opinion about anything you like…but you can only come to that conclusion if you are well-informed, and that’s what the media is for.” Like most of us, he doesn’t believe the corporate press are doing their jobs correctly, and as a result Jonathan Pie taps into a growing sense that we can’t believe a word they tell us anymore.

“It’s funny cos it’s true,” Walker says. “I think the fact this is so popular is that people recognize an element of truth, that people think: Actually, he’s articulating something that I feel.”

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