People Posted Photos Of ‘Vicious Pit Bull Attacks’ And The Results Were Unexpected

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One awesome woman, 21-year-old Brittany from Texas, was working at the Humane Society in New Braunfels when she decided to snap a photo of one of the pit bull puppies that she came across. She posted a collage of the photos she took on Twitter and, to her surprise, the photos went viral with over 50,000 retweets and counting.

What made her post stand out, aside from the adorable puppy featured in them, is her caption: “ACTUAL VICIOUS PITBULL ATTACK.” This, of course, was a play on the fact that many people believe that pit bulls are dangerous dogs that, in some cases, need to be banned and euthanized. The sad truth is that pit bulls are already the most euthanized breed at shelters in the U.S., amounting to one million pit bull deaths every year. Banning them from cities or counties only causes beloved pets to be separated from their families, and is often a misdirected approach to making pit bulls safer for a community because it doesn’t actually target the problem: humans.

Credit: @girlbitesback/Twitter

Once Brittany posted these photos and they went viral, people started replying with photos of their own “pit bull attacks” and the results varied from adorable to hilarious. As for the dog in Brittany’s photo, her name is Spice and she arrived at the shelter earlier this month with her twin sister, Sugar. She’s listed on the Humane Society’s adoption page, but you’ll have to call for more info on whether she’s available.

Scroll through the photos below to see other “attacks” by pit bulls.

“This guy is pretty terrifying too, I’m surprised it’s a treat he’s catching and not someone’s head.”

Credit: @__veronicaaa/Twitter

“Here is another actual vicious pitbull attack.”

Credit: @Huttyp00/Twitter

“Almost died after this attack.”

Credit: @baileyyyyy1/Twitter


Credit: @raphaelhamtato/Twitter

“So vicious.”

Credit: @sarahkat97/Twitter

There are rules on Twitter prohibiting such blood and gore…

Credit: @GottaRaiseYa/Twitter

“They can’t be stopped!”

Credit: @Terminatrix06

“Viciously trying to make my arm fall off. Truly a monster.”

Credit: @alexabrownie/Twitter

Word is that he shortly ate her after posing for this photo.

Credit: Conner Phariss Niles

Fun fact: pit bulls are horrible at comforting children after seizures.

Credit: Torre Skornia

Pittie plans vicious attack to distract human so she won’t graduate college.

Credit: Diana Uriarte

Pit bull or bear?

Credit: Danielle Smith

He’s mad that his human brought a new kitten home, and yet continues to snuggle the cat anyways.

Credit: Daniele Dale

In case you’re wondering, Spice the pit bull did end up getting the cookie he was promised in the original photo.

Credit: @girlbitesback/Twitter

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