People Who Commited Crimes And The Selfless Reason Why They Did it

Protecting Her Sister

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One night, Stacey had reached her boiling point. Christy was two years younger than she was and she could no longer allow their father to victimize any of them. So, she waited for the right time. He was drunk and passed out on the sofa when she shot him twice. The first bullet landed on his collarbone, which startled him awake. She shot once more, and this time, she killed him.

Defending Herself

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Stacey found herself handcuffed and facing the judge. Her lawyer argued self-defense, but the judge was forced to disagree because she wasn’t in any actual danger when the shooting happened. There were witnesses to corroborate her claims and to tell the court that she had actually tried to seek help. Nonetheless, she was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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