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As cliche as it sounds, they say patience is a virtue, and yes it does pay off, eventually and in the most unexpected way! It’s fair enough to say this also applies to photography. It requires patience and it would definitely pay off, one way or another and in the most breathtaking or shocking ways.  

This is exactly what happened to Daniel Biber who has both patience and passion for photography. He’s from Hilzingen, Germany and is a professional wildlife photographer who patiently dedicated his time and commitment to capturing a particular phenomenon that he missed capturing in his camera. He kept going back to the exact area where he witnessed it. What was that particular event that got him so obsessed about capturing? It was the phenomenon of starlings that happens right before sunset. In an incredible large flock, they come together in what is called “Murmuration.” Murmuration is not exactly extraordinary, but what made it awesome and incredible was the remarkable number of birds that flew and were moving in such seemingly orchestrated ways at that given time in Costa Brava. Though the way they were changing into different shapes was a natural way for them to divert their predators’ attention so that they do not become meals themselves by nightfall, the way they shape-shifted in just a few quick seconds from one shape to another was incredible.

Daniel Biber/ SWNS
Daniel Biber/ SWNS

Apparently, Biber has been hoping and trying to capture an awesome moment through his lens that is why he kept going back to the spot for four straight days! His patience finally paid off but he said it was so unexpected. He was oblivious to how amazing the photo he captured was until he was going through the photos he took that day using his computer at home. He never expected to see the murmuration resulted in an amazing photo of a giant bird and that exact photo awarded Biber with an international photography prize. Biber stated that it only took the starlings less than ten seconds to create that awesome form! 

Daniel Biber/ SWNS
Daniel Biber/ SWNS

Biber may have experienced frustration and dismay and worn himself out by going back and forth to the spot he first witnessed yet failed to capture that moment, but it all paid off when he was lucky enough to capture an even more amazing photo. The best part of it? It even gave him an international photography prize!

So, patience does pay off.



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