Police In Riot Gear Arrest Homeless Protesters For Camping In Front Of City Hall

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Last week, we reported that homeless people and supporters in Sacremento were protesting a recent ordinance that makes it illegal for them to camp in the city. Many of them were camped out in front of city hall for the past month and are demanding a reversal of the camping ban.

This Friday, police invaded the encampment in riot gear and made several arrests.

“It’s unfortunate that they wasted a lot of taxpayers’ money – riot gear, overtime,” protest organizer James Clark said.

“They’re telling people they can’t have sleeping bags to keep themselves warm,” he added.

Traci Trapani of the Sacramento Police Department said that protesters were arrested for illegal camping and resisting arrest.

“It wasn’t a quick just ‘arresting people’ type of thing. It’s been percolating for weeks,” she said.

The protesters were accused of having “camping paraphernalia” such as blankets and tents.

The police had warned the protesters that they would be arrested if they did not move, but they stood firm and refused to leave.

In many places across the country, it is becoming increasingly illegal to be homeless. Legislators do not come right out and ban homelessness, but instead, they ban people from camping in urban areas, or make it illegal to feed people without a permit.

Representatives from the city government have stated throughout the protest that they have no intention of changing or repealing the laws against urban camping.

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