Police Officer Arrests Nurse Over Blood Draw, Hospital’s Response Blindsides Cops

After The Fact

Source: Imgur

It would seem that the part-time paramedic and EMT was not satisfied by what happened either. But not because he thought he was wrong. It was reported that even after Nurse Wubbels had been released without any charges against her, Detective Payne had supposedly said that ‘he will spite her by taking transient patients to her hospital and the ‘good patients’ elsewhere.’

He Was Fired From His EMT Job

Source: The Daily Mail

The head of the Gold Cross Ambulance, President Mike Moffitt, had heard of what Detective Payne had done. Not only did he see the video of Payne arresting Nurse Wubbels, but he also heard the remarks that Payne had made afterwards. Moffitt decided to fire Det. Payne, saying, “That’s not the way we conduct our business. That’s not the way we treat people in our city.”

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