Police Officer Arrests Nurse Over Blood Draw, Hospital’s Response Blindsides Cops

Arriving At The Hospital And Demanding For A Blood Test

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Reserve Officer Gray of the Idaho police had been sedated upon arrival due to the severity of his injuries. When Det. Payne arrived, he demanded that Nurse Wubbels take a blood sample from the unconscious patient, which was against hospital policy. Nurse Wubbels knew the law and had refused Payne’s order, and that’s when things turned ugly.

Citing The Law

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While Detective Payne continued to harass Nurse Wubbels to take the blood sample from Gray, she explained the rules to the officers. She alluded to the 2016 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that explains that there are laws to follow when taking samples from patients. And in this particular instance, she didn’t have the jurisdiction to do what Payne was requesting. During the entire altercation, apparently, it was being filmed on a police body camera, thankfully giving her a witness to the entire event.

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