Pope Francis: The Media Needs To Cover More Positive News!

If you prefer to read about the positive happenings in the world rather than the latest stabbing or school massacre, you’re not alone.

Dwelling on the negatives in life isn’t good for anybody, which is why Pope Francis recently asked journalists to shine more light on the GOOD news which is taking place in the world.

In a brief homily during his solemn end-of-year church service, the pontiff stated:

“(There has been) violence, death, unspeakable suffering by so many innocent people, refugees forced to leaves their countries, men, women and children without homes, food or means of support.”

But, there have also been “so many great gestures of goodness” to help those in need, “even if they are not on television news programs (because) good things don’t make news”.

Of course, he isn’t asking the world turn a blind eye to the suffering that exists. Rather, he merely asks that the good deeds being carried out aren’t forgotten.

According to the 79-year-old Pope, the media should not keep “so many great gestures of goodness” hidden while only reporting on the evil deeds.

Good always wins, even if sometimes it many seem weaker and hidden.”

Regardless if you are religious or not, the message is an important one. Everybody needs to be reminded of the good that exists in the world so they might be inspired to create more of just that.

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