Pope Francis Washes The Feet Of Muslim, Hindu, and Orthodox Refugees [Watch]

Every year, Catholics attend mass on Holy Thursday to re-enact Jesus washing the feet of the apostles before he was crucified. This year, however, Pope Francis did something different by visiting a refugee center to wash and kiss the feet of Muslim, Orthodox, Hindu, and Catholic refugees.

Recognizing that now more than ever, people need to unite through mutual understanding and love, he invited participants of all backgrounds and beliefs to take part in the sacred ritual.

“We have different cultures and religions, but we are brothers and we want to live in peace,” he said.

AlJazeera reports that Francis did this commendable act to denounce the “gesture of war” that left dozens dead after the terrorist attack in Brussels.

While the ritual has traditionally been performed only on groups of 12 Catholics (and only men), Francis violated the rule to make a statement to the world and the people he blessed through the service. As a matter of fact, in January, he changed the regulations to explicitly allow women and girls to participate.

Credit: hppundit.com
Credit: hppundit.com

While Pope Francis’ modern ways may not be appreciated by all, he, at least, examples the practices the Christian church preaches about on a regular basis.

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