Priest Claims Innocence Against Terrible Crime. But 23 Years Later The Truth Is Revealed

The Catholic Church has always been seen as the pinnacle of solemnity, prayer, forgiveness and Godliness. But just like many other religious groups, they too, have had their fair share of madness and woes. But for the Sisters of Mercy Parish, they were going to go through one of the biggest scandals that any Catholic Church would ever encounter. Not only was one of their nuns viciously murdered in what was said to be a satanic ritual, left at the altar of their church to be found, the culprit was also one of their very own priests.

Find out how one nun, who offered her life up to serve the Church, only found justice 23 years after her death.

Margaret Ann Pahl


Margaret Ann Pahl was born on April 6, 1908 in Edgerton, Williams County in Ohio. She was the fourth of nine children to Frank and Catherine Pahl and her family was said to be very ‘devoutly Catholic.’ She also had many other cousins who were nuns, so when Margaret Ann announced that she wanted to be a nun herself and actually left at age 19 years to join the Sisters of Mercy, no one in her family was surprised. In fact, one of her sister’s had even said, “She’d been called to be a nun. She just knew.”

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