Putin Suggests A Eurasian Economic Union

putinworldThe week, Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested a currency union for the Eurasian continent, presumably similar to what was created with the Eurozone and European Union.

“The time has come to start thinking about forming a currency union,Putin said this week.

There are already examples of what Putin is talking about in other places around the world, and while the Russian government has paid lip service to opposing global aristocracy, they are still very much a part of the same system, and share many of the same interests.

Aleksey Likhachev, Russian deputy minister of economic development confirmed Putin’s ambitions, saying that, “I would suggest moving step by step, exactly as all EU member states enter the eurozone, gradually creating all these common financial institutions. That means any slightest fluctuation in national currencies of today’s four and of tomorrow’s five [Kyrgyzstan is about to join the EEU – Ed.] EEU countries, that are related neither to trade nor to demand, create a huge trade imbalance.”

“In the same enclosed space, where goods, services, capital and labor are constantly moving, the existence of different currencies exacerbates the risks,” Likhachev added.

The European Union gives us a glimpse into what the bankers want to do with the rest of the world. Many Americans still may think that the New World Order is just a “theory“, but there aren’t a whole lot of skeptics left in Europe. Just decades ago, nearly every single nation in Europe had their economy and government taken over by the banking elite. For all ceremonial purposes the countries still have their own governments and borders, but the real power lies in the international banking cartel which centrally controls the European Union. In fact, since the consolidation of Europe, the governments of every European country included are now subservient to the banking elite.

This kind of economic and political union has already taken shape in Africa and they are constantly making steps to establish similar super states in both North America and Asia. The process has already begun, through seemingly harmless “trade agreements” and “alliances”, which are the same steps that set the European Union into motion. The plan in North America is called “The Security and Prosperity Partnership” and although it has been vehemently denied by most politicians, declassified documents show that this plan is definitely in the works.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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