Question Everything: The insanity we have chosen to believe

Image Credit: Flickr / dullhunk
Image Credit: Flickr / dullhunk

By: Sarah Rodrigues,

True Activist.

Often times we hear the clichéd statement “question everything.” I suppose that if we truly did, we may be locked up in a cell somewhere for not following many our societal expectations, laws and norms. I love the slogan, and believe that if we genuinely took this to heart, our world would be a much different place. But I suppose the bigger question is; why do we not question everything? Is it because of our insatiable appetite to “fit in?” Is it because we go through the daily motions of life like programmed robots, following laws and norms that are not beneficial to our essence?

For whatever reason we have for not questioning our instilled practices, I pondered several of the systems that we rarely question, but have massive control over our lives; the education system and the medical field. Apologies, I wanted to cover the police state, but figured the length might render apathetic readers.

The state run education system

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there is something profoundly wrong with our education system. The current model of the education system has really taken mould since the beginning of the 1900’s. A few very wealthy families such as the Rockefellers that were hell bent on providing a system of indoctrination of the masses stepped in and “philanthropically” donated massive amounts of money to our education system.

Apparently, these folks didn’t think it was enough to control most of the resources and modes of transportation in the United States, now they wanted to influence the education system. No matter how “generous” it may seem, these millions of dollars have a huge influence on what is taught in our education system. I wonder if the modus operand of the wealthy elites may be to keep a working class population that is not capable of freethinking. Look around and tell me what you think about that one. If an education system is based on memorization of facts and figures while measuring progress through standardized testing, where is the freedom in that? What this tells me is that the most successful members of society are those that can memorize, regurgitate information and follow orders.

I am sure a majority of these folks end up with tenures in our top colleges, are doctors, lawyers, and politicians’ need I say more. Our society is being run by those that can “fit in the standards” of the current educational system frameworks. We have millions of kids on medications because they cannot sit still for 7-8 hours at a desk. If they can’t mould you, they medicate you. I question the education system. You should too.

The Medical community

After working in the medical field for 20+ years, I have come to realize that most of the healthcare “fallacy” in our country is about business. The “experts” that regulate the policies of the FDA, USDA went through that same education system that teaches, “follow orders at all costs” as previously mentioned. What are physicians taught in medical school? To treat conditions, or suppress symptoms through laboratory created pharmaceuticals that seem to be producing a population of pill popping addicts.

What was deemed “healthy” 20 or so years ago, is not. Just take a look at the food pyramid in the early 90’s vs. today. How can these “experts” flip flop so drastically in such a short period of time? These folks have the paramount responsibility of deeming what is healthy to put in our bodies and what is not. Do we or do we not have one of the highest percentages of obesity, diabetes, cancer and immune disorders on the planet? Do we or do we not have the “best medical care” that the world has to offer?

Walk into your local grocery store and what do you see? Mass amounts of food in cans, boxes and plastic wraps. Small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re not convinced that this system is not out for the benefit of the population, consider the commercialism of pushing infant formula during the 1950’s. What better way to monopolize on the health of human beings than to take nature’s perfect food (breast milk) and make it seem “less vogue” that lab created infant formula? The natural immunities and nutrients that mothers milk provides is substituted with chemically created “nutrition in a can”, mass immunizations and “well baby” checks during the first year of infancy… finding large percentages of digestive problems, ear infections and other issues which more than likely are a result of the infant formula to begin with. The new motto for the healthcare system; Create the problem and sell the cure.

What a great way to do business, huh?

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