Rapists And Child Molesters In Pakistan Will Be Chemically Castrated After Countrywide Law Change


Pakistan has announced new laws against sexual assault that will ensure trials to run faster with a punishment of chemical castration for offenders that will be convicted of rape.

According to a statement released from the president’s office, President Arif Alvi has recently signed the Anti-Rape Ordinance into law. This ensures that special courts assigned to hear all rape cases will finalize their outcome within four months. This law also includes a nationwide registry of all sex offenders.

Anadolu Agency reports that crisis cells will be established in order to conduct complete medical and legal examinations of all rape victims within six hours of the incidents reported.

All rape victims’ identities will be kept hidden and if any are revealed, the culprit will need to face legal charges under the law.

The most controversial part of this new law is that repeat offenders will be punished by chemical castration. This procedure will use drugs in order to lower the criminal’s testosterone levels to eventually lower the sex drive of offenders.

The cabinet set the new measures in place just last month after a series of rape crimes occurred all over the country that has resulted in a public outrage. Even in the recent years, the country was already experiencing unrest and riots because of high-profile sex-abuse cases with some victims being minor.

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Last September, a mother along with her children, was driving on a major highway and ran out of fuel. While waiting for the police to help her get her car running, she was raped by two men.

Last November in the southern Sindh province, a mother and daughter were abducted and endured several days being raped by their kidnappers before they were rescued.

These serious and rampant rape cases has turned into a countrywide crisis that has infuriated Prime Minister Imran Khan, who promised to change the law and adopt draconian measures such as chemical castration to finally halt these crimes in this South Asian nation.

In a September interview, the Prime Minister told Hard Talk Pakistan:

“I think he (the rapist) should be hanged publicly. Rapists and child molesters should have public hanging. You do not know the real statistics as well, because it’s under-reported. People do not report it due to being scared or ashamed, women are ashamed, no one wants to tell.”

Khan did eventually concede that public hangings are against international human rights so instead, he declared that rapists and child molesters should  ”undergo chemical castration, or surgery be performed so they cannot do anything in future.”


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