Recent Leaks Reveal Media Corruption, Suppression of Black Lives Matter, And …Alien Disclosure?


Despite disproportionate media attention focusing on Donald Trump’s lewd and misogynist comments, recent leaks from the emails of Clinton insiders, Capricia Marshall and John Podesta, have revealed information with enormous implications for both Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the general public. The leaks were released this past week by both Wikileaks and DCLeaks and more are promised in the coming weeks. Since their release, the leaks have disclosed many truly stunning revelations about the Clinton campaign as well as the US political system in general. The establishment has clearly attempted to focus attention away from the leaks and onto Russia, who they have officially blamed for the hacks despite no concrete evidence.

One of the least surprising disclosures found is more evidence of significant collusion between the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign, confirming that the corporate media is biased. Although this was revealed by earlier leaks of the Democratic National Committee’s servers, the most recent leaks have only served to further illustrate the corruption rife in the mainstream media, all but destroying any remaining credibility. One example shows how the Clinton Campaign and the White House colluded with New York Times reporters in attempts to label critics of Clinton as “conspiracy theorists.” Brian Fallon, Clinton campaign spokesman, colluded with Amy Chozick of the New York Times to offset potential damage from another Times’ reporter’s article regarding the book “Clinton Cash.” In an email sent from Clinton Foundation senior vice president of programs Maura Pally to White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri, Pally said “Agree. I like it, especially the ‘twisting previously known facts into absurd conspiracy theories’. I suspect we might be able to get repeat use of out of that one.” Another email from February of this year shows Mook and other Clinton campaign staff colluding with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to change and add lines to their stories to depict Clinton more favorably.

Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein Credit –

In addition, emails between a major donor to Clinton and her campaign chair, John Podesta, show that attempts were made to “silence” the Black Lives Matter narrative. The donor, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, urged Clinton’s campaign to silence then-rival Bernie Sander’s message about the unacceptably high rate of African-Americans killed by US police. He urged Clinton to counter Sander’s message by bringing up “the Sandy Hook issue,” which refers to Sander’s opposition to allowing victims of gun violence and their families to sue gun manufacturers. In an email sent April 10th, Weinstein expressed concern to Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, about a Sanders ad featuring the daughter of Eric Garner, whose father was killed by New York police, as well as the growing number of Latino activists backing Sanders over Clinton. Weinstein said, “I’m probably telling you what you know already, but that needs to be silenced, probably with the Sandy Hook issue.” Mook responded enthusiastically to Weinstein’s request to meet up and talk strategy saying: “Are you kidding? Let’s do it! I’m here all week. This is all hands on deck-it’s a must win.” This said strategy figured prominently in Clinton’s attacks on Sanders during their final debate on April 14th.

Edgar Mitchell in 2009

The most startling and eyebrow-raising emails, however, may have truly global implications. The late Edgar Mitchell, former NASA astronaut and naval pilot, emailed John Podesta asking for an urgent meeting about an extremely sensitive and important topic. He said, “it is urgent that we agree on a date and time to meet to discuss Disclosure and Zero Point Energy, at your earliest available after your departure.

Disclosure here is believed to refer to the disclosure of intelligent alien life while Zero Point Energy refers to the ability to use thoughts to create matter and to harness the “free” energy that exists between atoms. Another email from Mitchell says “the war in space race is heating up,” suggesting that there is a global arms race taking place off-world. Perhaps even more stunning is this line from one of Mitchell’s emails: “Remember, our non-violent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth. They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.”

This sentence suggests that intelligent alien life has not only been on Earth for some time but that governments have been in communication with them and have kept it hidden from the public. Whether or not you believe in the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy, these emails should give us all some pause as their presence in the emails of a major player in US politics is clearly out of line with public perception. In addition, the emails reference skype and phone conversations as well as in-person meetings between Podesta and Mitchell, suggesting that these emails were part of a regular correspondence. Wikileaks has alleged that subsequent leaks will be progressively more incriminating than those released this past week – if it gets worse than this, what comes next could be anyone’s guess.

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