Reddit Investors Band Together To Help Thousands Of Endangered Gorillas By Using Gamestop Funds


Heroes often fly from the sky to protect the weak. Their capes signal the enemies to end their abuse on the hapless. However, this is all fantasy. Real heroes aren’t garbed with bright capes and tight suits. They don’t even have impressive equipment with them all the time.

Real heroes are those with the means to help. They may not be dressed in the most expensive suits. Not always. In this story, the altruistic protagonists are the Wall Street Bet’s investors. These folks have opted to share their gains to the animals with no means to help themselves against the world’s evils.

The investors have extended some of their funds to donate to endangered animals such as the gorillas, turtles, wolves, and elephants. These creatures have lost their homes and some are in constant dangers of poachers who want nothing more than to earn from selling them. While the rest of the world is aware of what’s happening, not too many of them have actually done anything about it. They just go about their lives and preach what they know.

What we need now are intrepid men and women who are willing to devote their time and resources to do something about the endangered species. That’s where the Wall Street Bet’s investors come in. They had the means to help, and help they did. They had donated thousands of dollars from their pockets to spend on these animals.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been spent shelled out. The world can now give their gratitude to Reddit’s WallStreetBets subreddit trading community. They were made aware of what’s been happening to the world and have given to animal conservation organizations. After the rough year these endangered animals have had, they can now continue to live their lives in renewed hope. The Guardian reported about this and had inspired others to take an active stance as well.

WallStreetBets subreddit had bought small volumes of shares in the retailer GameStop earlier this year. The group got together to do this, and with the large number, the price drastically increased. There was a decrease in the number of shorts on the stock, which had made it even more valuable.

As the stocks went up, investors earned, and many of the smaller ones have opted to voluntarily spend at least some of their gains for good. They invested their profits to animal protection centers around the world. This was to show how philanthropy is still very much valued and it was probably done to offset some of those gains to lower taxes as well. While the latter may not sound like too much of a big deal, the helpless creatures did benefit greatly from it.

The donations were made out to the following organizations: the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund which got more than than 3,500 adoptions worth $350,000 and the rest of the cash went to gorillas that were adopted at the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Virunga national park. Another beneficiary was The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This organization runs an orphaned elephant rescue center based in Kenya. They had received an impressive amount of $10,000 in terms of donations rise. Other organizations include  the Florida-based Sea Turtle Conservancy and the Australia-based Orangutan Project.

These Redditors were also able to adopt pangolins, lynx, wolves, bears, bulls, sea life, and polar bears, as reported by The Guardian. In the usual Wall St Bets fashion style, the group trolled hedge funds. Many of the donations made were under fictitious names such as “F*ck Melvin capital” and “Jim Cramer’s Tears.” While there was trolling and a lot of sense of humor, those that have made donations are undoubtedly our modern day heroes.


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