Russian Teenager Born Without Fingers Is Now A World-Class Pianist [Watch]

It was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Truly, the only thing that holds one back from ‘greatness’ is the fear of failure or self-imposed limitations. Those who have done remarkable things have done so not because they lack fear, but because they chose to be courageous and took action, regardless of other peoples’ opinions.

One such individual is Alexey Romanov, an inspiring piano prodigy who happens to be fingerless.

Romanov was born with a debilitating illness that robbed him of his fingers, but couldn’t help falling in love with composers Mozart and Vivaldi. His desire to learn piano was supported not only by his adopted family but his two friends who taught him to read sheet music and identify keys.

After Alexey wowed the audience during a performance in February with the respected La Primavera chamber orchestra from Kazan, he was invited to join a music school in the Tatarstan capital.

Credit: The Guardia
Credit: The Guardian

Because the school specializes in teaching children with disabilities, the Russian pianist has been a good fit, reports The Guardian. In the video above, he performs “River Flows In You,” and by all means, is excellent.

His performance on national television has earned him recognition from fans around the world, who relay that the artist is an inspiration to them.

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