Scientists May Have New Evidence In Mysterious $200,000 Plane Hijacking Case

Could It Be True?


According to Marla, her uncle had died in the year 1999. She says that she was told this, as she never saw her uncle again after that Thanksgiving Day in 1971. She eventually handed over an old guitar strap of her uncle with his DNA, a photograph of him, and had even explained that her uncle had seemed to be obsessed with a character from a comic book named ‘Dan Cooper,’ which was the name on the ticket of the notorious hijacker of Northwest Flight 305.

Was It A Fictional Name?


Since this lead had been one of the few that came out after the hijacking, the FBI chose to pursue it. Unfortunately for the investigation, the DNA of Marla Cooper’s uncle did not match that of any of the paraphernalia left behind by the mysterious D.B. Cooper. Despite that, Marla still said, “Regardless of the findings of the fingerprints, they would be closing the case after this,” even if one of the investigators told her “I am certain your uncle did it. I feel certain that your uncle did it. And that, what’s the point in continuing the investigation?”

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