Scientology Facilities Closed After Police Find People Held Captive Inside

Two Scientology centers in Tennessee were closed after law enforcement workers discovered patients being held and medicated against their will.

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Two psychiatric facilities which are operated by the Church of Scientology were closed this week after police followed a tip and found patients being held and medicated against their will in both centers. The Cannon Courier reports that tiny cabins and a double-wide trailer were searched and shut down after a call was received from inside one of the facilities. The prisoner who made the call was ultimately found imprisoned in a locked cabin.

Police told the press that after receiving the call, they proceeded up the hill and through a gate which had a makeshift paddock secured by a steel latch. One of the facility’s caretakers allowed the police entry, and it was shortly after that the caller was spotted through a Plexiglass window.

“He [was] locked inside the cabin with no way to remove himself from the building,” the police report stated.

Reportedly, the man had been held captive at the facility for nine months and had been treated with “unknown medications” so he might be “cleansed” through Scientology. One of the officers remarked,

“He [stated] that he has been there for nine months and is being mistreated and falsely imprisoned and all he wants is to go home.”

The man lived in a small room with a single bed, which was “bare except for one sheet that he covers up with.” The report added, “His bathroom is the only room with a light.”

A woman was later recovered on site, and both rescued individuals were rushed to the nearby hospital.

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As a result of the findings, the operator of the facility, Marc Vallieres, was arrested and charged with two felonious counts of facilitation of kidnapping, reports AOL. Two other men who worked at the facility pleaded guilty to misdemeanors. It was later announced that all Church of Scientology facilities in Cannon County had been closed and that none will be allowed to open in the area in the future.

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