Scotland Just Made History By Becoming The First Country In The World To Make All Sanitary Products Absolutely Free


Based on a study recently conducted in the U.K., there are more than 15% of girls and women who struggle to pay for sanitary products, and because of this – a huge percentage is forced to buy less suitable products. 

Aside from that, society still has a problem of ‘period stigma,’ based on a study that showed 74% of girls from the ages of 14-21 in the U.K. still feel embarrassed when buying period products. 

These are the two main reasons as to why the Scottish Parliament decided to pass the law of making all sanitary products absolutely free of charge. It will give “anyone who needs them” complete access to all products with “reasonable privacy” and “easily.” 


Scotland would be the first country to pass this law and it will be a memorable landmark event in the women’s movement of turning menstrual hygiene into a basic human right. 

Monica Lennon, Scottish lawmaker is the person behind proposing the Period Products Scotland Bill, with a defence of saying these items are not luxury items. She also added that the bill is about “period dignity.”


Scotland is officially the first country to make all sanitary products absolutely free in schools, universities and colleges. Aileen Campbell, Scotland’s communities secretary said that they will not stop with their world-leading actions that promote better period dignity through their certification scheme that encourages different organizations in providing these free products. 

At present, sanitary products are still being taxed in the U.K., although the former prime minister, David Cameron has already had discussions about removing these taxes. 




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