She Came Home To Help Her Sister At Work. If She Only Knew What Was Going To Happen, She May Have Never Agreed.


This young, soon to be a sophomore in college decided to come home for the summer to spend time with her family. What she couldn’t have known were the horrible events that were going to take place. How could one shocking story of a beautiful, sweet girl bring a town to its knees, especially one that had a history of being so safe?

See how one man completely devastated the secure town of Corvallis, Oregon.

Very Close-Knit Family


Brooke Carol Wilberger was born on February 20, 1985, in Veneta, Oregon. She was the daughter of Greg and Cammy Wilberger and had 5 other siblings, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters. Her family was known to be faithful Mormons and lived their lives according to their faith. They were quite close and enjoyed spending time together.

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