She Listed Herself As A Math Tutor On Craigslist… But What Happened Next Didn’t Add Up


Donna Jou was only 19 years old when she went missing one night after answering a Craigslist Ad. It wasn’t unusual for smart students to take on summer jobs tutoring others to earn a little extra cash. For Donna, she could have never known that getting on a motorcycle on that fateful June evening was going to be the worse decision she could have ever made in her young life.

If she had only known whose bike she was getting on, she surely would have never answered the ad in the first place.

A Bright Young Scholar


Donna had an amazingly bright future ahead of her. Graduating in May of 2006 from Clear Lake High School in California, she managed to maintain a 4.4 GPA, as well as score 1570 on her SATs. During her remaining 2 years of high school, she would spend over 100 hours tutoring others in math to help them out. And as if that wasn’t enough, she even volunteered full time at the St. John’s Hospital.

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