She Offered Her Boyfriend’s Roommate A Ride- Hours Later She Was Reported Missing


When Ashley Williams offered to pick up her boyfriend’s roommate one day in early December of 2017, she couldn’t have known that it was going to be the day that her life would end. Neighbors would hear a ruckus coming from their apartment that day too, but when police came to investigate, no one came to the door so they went away. Little did the authorities know that they were going to find themselves headed back to the same place, but this time under completely different circumstances.

Read about what happened to Ashley Williams and how her body was left dumped inside a dumpster.

Ashley Breann Nicole Williams


Ashley Breann Nicole Williams, who was known to most as Ashley, was from a big family. She lived in Odessa, Texas with all of her family, consisting of both of her parents, three brothers and two sisters.

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