She Said Goodbye To Her Boyfriend The Night Before. He Couldn’t Have Known It Was the Last Time He’d See Her…


Young, successful and dynamic, this beautiful lady had her whole life ahead of her. But what happens when she gets back from a weekend getaway is the exact nightmare that every parent prays won’t happen to their child. Police are wondering why her car was left parked in the wrong lot, plus she was nowhere to be seen.

Find out the chilling details of one woman’s disappearance, and see if there was something that could have prevented it.

Jennifer Joyce Kesse


Jennifer Joyce Kesse was born on May 20, 1981, and was the only daughter of Drew and Joyce Kesse. She had a younger brother, Logan, to whom she was quite close. She grew up in Orlando, Florida and went on to succeed at school, making her parents proud of all her achievements. It would seem, in her young life, that she had everything going for her.

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