She Said Goodbye To Her Boyfriend The Night Before. He Couldn’t Have Known It Was the Last Time He’d See Her…

A Splitting Image Of Her Mother


Jennifer looked like a younger version of her mom, Joyce, and the two could have passed for sisters in her mom’s younger years. Joyce described Jennifer as, “Very outgoing, way beyond her years as far as intelligence as well as maturity, fun loving, great laugh, stubborn, all rolled up into one.” It was obvious how much she loved her darling daughter.

Daddy’s Little Girl


Jennifer was also very close to her father, Drew, and she was the apple of his eye. He described her as, “Daddy’s little girl. We talked everyday, multiple times a day actually. But she always asked me for my input on things.” He also said that she was “Smart, stubborn, loving and kind,” and he was just as enamored with his charming, blonde and green-eyed daughter as her mother, Joyce.

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