She Said Goodbye To Her Boyfriend The Night Before. He Couldn’t Have Known It Was the Last Time He’d See Her…

Mosaic Condo At Millenia


When Jennifer purchased her apartment, there were only 250 of the 447 units of the condominiums that were finished. Construction workers, landscapers and other employees were always on site, finishing up the rest of the units. Jennifer was living in a 900 square-foot apartment with only 2 neighbors on the same floor as hers. She had mentioned to her mom that she would sometimes feel uneasy walking to and from her apartment to her car because of the catcalls from some of the laborers.

Always Prepared


In fact, her parents had said that Jennifer would always carry mace and a whistle in her purse. And when she felt particularly wary of her surroundings, she would call someone and speak to them, in order to feel safer during her walk. But could this have been just a fake sense of security?

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