She Said Goodbye To Her Boyfriend The Night Before. He Couldn’t Have Known It Was the Last Time He’d See Her…

Finding Her Car


For the first two days, police couldn’t find any pivotal information. Then finally, on January 26, two days after Jennifer went missing, someone saw her car. It was parked in another apartment complex more than a mile from where Jennifer lived. The police had found video surveillance of the car, but when they watched it, they were surprised even more.

It Wasn’t Jennifer


Detectives believed that with the new footage, they would finally get some clues into Jennifer’s disappearance. Upon looking through the video surveillance, they saw someone park Jennifer’s car 3 spaces down from the first one in the lot. Then after 30 seconds, the person gets down, closes the door and walks out of the lot. The video then catches the person walking past the entrance of the complex, but when they pass by, it would seem that the shoes belonged to a man, but they couldn’t know for sure. They believe that they may have gotten the first glimpse into the real reason behind Jennifer’s disappearance.

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