Should You Choose High Bay Or Low Bay LED Lighting For Your Warehouse?

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Warehouses are large, wide open spaces that need a considerable amount of thought to be put into the lighting solutions you choose for them. Warehouse buildings, distribution centres, or hangars need to be adequately lit up so the people who work in these spaces can see the items stored in them easily and can move around and get their jobs done without risking the safety of their own selves as well as the safety of the contents of the warehouse.

Studies have shown that a well-lit place of work is responsible for increased productivity and it also improves the morale of the people who work there. You can upgrade your warehouse lighting easily and cost effectively with LED lighting. LED lights are also a simple and efficient way to cut down on your company’s electricity costs. Available at, the best choices for illuminating warehouses are LED High Bay lights, yet there is something to be said about LED Low Bay lights as well. So how do you choose between the two?


What are LED High Bay Lights?

LED High Bay lights are meant for spaces that have very high ceilings. They are designed to deliver well dispersed and steady lighting in open, spacious areas where the roof is over 8 meters high. A specific concern that is addressed by using a LED high bay light is that it can light up vertical surfaces as well as the floor. This is particularly useful in warehouses, where vertical lighting is particularly essential.


What are LED Low Bay Lights?

LED Low Bays operate at the same basic principle as LED high bays, but they are better suited for spaces where the ceiling is not as high. They are mounted at a lower height and use angled lenses to manage the dispersal or spread of the light to an optimum level.


What is the difference between High Bays and Low Bays?

In short, the main difference is the height at which both these LED lamps are installed or mounted. Other technical differences include the lumen output and how the light is directed in each. The lumen output has to do with the bulb intensity. Low bay LED lights usually have a much higher bulb intensity than high bay lights. This is because Low Bays have less room to diffuse the light and High Bays have more space for the light to diffuse in the whole room before it hits the ground.


Why does the choice of light matter?

It is very important to select the right LED Bay fitting for your warehouse because if you use the wrong option it can cause one of many disruptions. For instance, if you install a high bay in a low-ceiling space, or install a low bay in a high-ceiling space, you will end up with either an under lit or over bright space. An over lit room results in needless electricity costs and under-lit spaces can be hazardous for your workers.

LED bay lighting is probably the most energy-efficient lighting option you can choose for your warehouse space. Since they are designed especially for these larger spaces, they enhance visibility and improve worker safety. So head on over to to make your selection smartly.


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