Siberian Husky Trips Balls After Stealing A Marijuana Edible [Video]

This video of a Siberian husky named Loki "tripping" after eating an edible raises awareness about a pervasive issue within the cannabis community.

Because cannabis is a medicine when used responsibly, it is being decriminalized at an increasing pace  around the world. Components of the plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD), have been proven to benefit everything from cancer and seizures to arthritis and dementia. And yes – the non-psychoactive component of the plant has even been found to benefit animals. It’s a different story when THC – the psychoactive component of the plant – is consumed, however.

According to the Pet Poison Helpline, a 24-hour pet poison control center, calls from concerned pet owners regarding marijuana intoxication have increased fourfold in the past three years. This is because house pets, such as cats and dogs, are unaware certain treats are laced with the herb when they snatch them from the counter or take advantage of an oblivious owner.

A Siberian Husky named Loki found out the hard way dogs shouldn’t ingest THC after stealing a hermetically sealed marshmallow treat from his owner that was laced with weed.

“After having friends over my roommate and I were watching tv when we noticed Loki, my roommates dog starts flipping out in his corner,” says Loki’s owner. “He couldn’t control his muscles so he would twitch. This guy loves to get into things. After investigating we established that he had went into one of our friends bag and ate his rice krispie treat filled with marijuana. After contacting our veterinarian friends we knew it was just a waiting game. We kept careful watch on him for the next 20 hours. The next morning he was still high and able to walk, by that evening he was back to normal running around. And today he is back to getting into things again, guess he didn’t learn his lesson.”

Fortunately, Loki lived. On a website dedicated to this fact, the dog’s owner wrote:

“The next morning (maybe 8 hours later) he was in the same spot, sprawled out like a rag doll.”

The owner admits the catastrophe was 100% avoidable, but also declares on the website that it was 100% unintentional.

“Loki is mischievous and likes to get into things when people aren’t watching. In this particular instance, he got into a gift bag exchanged between two friends at a gathering at my house. Note: I do not get high, nor does my roommate. The gift was not from me, nor for me, but it was left unattended. Hence: 100% avoidable — I am quite aware.”

The owner considered taking Loki to a vet but decided otherwise. His rational?

“I spoke with multiple vet techs I knew, and even consulted the internet to be sure nothing else would need to be done. Even forcing him to puke, which was suggested by many of you would not get any THC out of his system,” said Loki’s caretaker. “However, it might have stopped further digestion of the treat and prevent his trip from lasting longer”

Not long after the incident, Loki returned to 100% health. Upon being shown the package that contained the edible, Loki did not look amused.

Though somewhat funny, this video raises awareness about a huge problem within the cannabis community — leaving edibles and THC-laced treats within reach of nosy animals and children. Regardless if you have a fur baby or a human baby in the house, keep edibles, marijuana flower, and extracts locked in a safe in your home to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

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