Son Put Dead Father In The Freezer And Continued Cashing In His Retirement Money For Himself.


As the police began their search for an 87-year old man, they couldn’t have known that he was actually on his very own property, just stuffed inside a freezer. He had been living with one of his sons at the time who claimed that he had abruptly left with a girlfriend, seemingly strange for a much older man who wasn’t in the best of health.

But when the truth was finally revealed, everyone was in shock, especially his very own family.

Henry Conley Fitchett


87-year old Henry Fitchett, fondly referred to most as Conley, happened to be living on his own in a mobile home in Marion County, Oregon. But in December of 2015, one of his children, Edward, and his wife, who already happened to be in their late 50’s, decided to move in with him.

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