Stolen Library Book Returned 35 Years Later With $200 Check And Author’s Autograph

The anonymous thief returned the book after thirty-five years because the misdeed was weighing on their mind.

Credit: Inside Edition

Even seemingly insignificant acts – such as stealing a library book – can weigh on one’s conscience over a period of time. For this reason, an anonymous individual decided to finally return a novel that had been stolen thirty-five years prior. They also included a few considerate gifts to make up for the period of time “Bid Time Return“ by Richard Matheson had been missing.

Inside Edition reports that in 1982, the 1975 edition of Matheson’s book had been stolen because the thief favored the novel. Because the Great Falls Public Library in Great Falls, Montana, didn’t have a computerized system back then, however, it was never reported missing. Thirty-five years later, Kathy Mora, the library director, was surprised to receive the book along with an apology note.

Reportedly, the misdeed had been weighing on the person’s mind for so long, they now sought forgiveness after going great lengths to properly care for the book. The letter says the individual read the novel 25 times and even managed to get it signed by the author – who passed away about four years ago. When the edition began to fall into disrepair, it was even professionally restored. Finally, it was time to return the book to the rightful owners, which is why the anonymous individual returned it to the Great Falls Public Library. The sender wrote:

“This is not my book, it belongs back in the Great Falls Public Library – wrongfully taken, yes, but if you can, kindly take into consideration it has been loved and cared for all these years and know I am sorry for taking it.”

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