Strangers In Polish Train Station Leave Strollers, Diapers, Toys Behind For Ukrainian Refugee Moms To Take As Needed


There’s something beautiful about the way mothers show up for other mothers, especially when it comes to mothers who are dealing with more than they should.

Just recently, a powerful image was shared on social media of a bunch of empty strollers left behind on a Polish rail border crossing that has left many majorly inspired to donate for millions of Ukrainians that were forced from their homes and are now refugees.

For women, children, and infants that have no choice but to flee from the only place they’ve ever called home, upon arrival at the Przemyśl Station in Poland, they are being greeted by tons of strollers, clothes, diapers, stuffed animals, and so much more, as soon as they get off the train.

A report from ABC shared that these items have been left by Polish mothers for the newly refugeed families. And some have even left hand written notes with words of encouragement for the moms and children.

One Polish mother, who also happens to be a volunteer, shared with ABC, “We see on the television and hear on the radio what happened, and we say ‘okay we can help’,” especially since most of these families have left almost all of their belongings behind. And even worse, they don’t even know when and if they’ll ever be able to go back.

Over the past few weeks, these efforts have become even more organized. In fact, CNN shared that the movement has ‘spread like wildfire mostly by word of mouth.’ Refugees leaving Ukraine and heading across the Medyka border requires them to take a train to the Przemyśl Station, which is how it has become the center of the relief efforts by many Polish citizens.

The train station has become transformed into an area where the waiting rooms have become storage areas with food, clothes and diapers from arriving Ukrainians.

Moreover, beyond the station, people all across Europe have been seen in their cars, waiting to offer the incoming refugees rides to possible destinations or to houses of their relatives, if ever. Meanwhile in Germany, residents are also standing in train stations with placards sharing how many people they can take into their houses, while others also offer rides to for refugees to their closest relatives.


While Ukraine stands almost helpless in the middle of this humanitarian crisis because of one the biggest onslaughts from a Russian tyrant, the rest of the world has joined together in solidarity to prove that there is more good than bad, and more heart in a single nation that one heartless Russian dictator could have never predicted.

Watch more about what’s happening in the Polish train station here.


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