Study: Humans Must Preserve Plant Life Or Prepare For Extinction

Credit: Science Daily
Credit: Science Daily

The benefits of being near and living around nature have been extolled for many years. No doubt this is because being in nature helps calm the nervous system, alkalizes the body (if one is barefoot), decreases stress, and inspires the mind to form more objective perceptions on the universe.

But if more care is not taken by humans to preserve the precious flora of Earth, what will be the fate of the precious planet many species call home? Researchers at the University of Georgia have an answer, but it’s  not one you’re likely to appreciate…

The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, outline how humans have been destroying the Earth’s precious plants and as a result, depleting the planet’s energy, both of which are essential for survival.

“The Sun’s energy is stored in plants and fossil fuels but humans are draining energy much faster than it can be replenished,” said the study’s lead author and associate professor John Schramski.

The study shares that 2,000 years ago, the Earth had just over 1,000 billion tons of carbon in living biomass. Since that time, however, the number has dropped by half, with 10 percent of it being consumed in the last century

The main culprits to blame for the diminishing resources are deforestation and highly mechanized agriculture. Both have been growing at a rapid pace to feed the increasing global population.

“If we do not reverse this trend, we will eventually reach a point where the biomass battery discharges to a level at which Earth can no longer sustain us,” explained Schramski.

If humans do not take action to preserve the Earth’s resources and all the sacred life on it, severe depletion of biomass will result, and in effect the planet’s climate will become too severe for humans to endure. Either the human race will become extinct, or our race will suffer a severe decline in numbers, the survivors having to return to being hunter-gatherers or simple horticulturalists.

A short-film that projects this reality (which we recommend you watch and refer to others) is called Age of Stupid. The burdensome future conveyed could be your grandchildren’s’ if action is not taken.

“As the planet becomes less hospitable and more people depend on fewer available energy options, their standard of living and very survival will become increasingly vulnerable to fluctuations, such as droughts, disease epidemics and social unrest,” added Schramski.

These projections are nothing new: The last United Nations report on climate change also urged nations to improve their approach to how the planet is treated, and lessen their carbon footprint by opting for a more plant-based, vegan-oriented diet.

The study concludes that the only action that can be taken to save humans from impending doom is to raise awareness of how biomass is being depleted, and increase reliance on renewable sources of energy.

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