Teen Receives Award For Lifting Truck Off Her Dad With “Crazy Strength”

Credit: USA Today
Credit: USA Today

Adrenaline can prompt one to do incredible things. Fortunately for Charlotte Heffelmire, her flight-or-response kicked in just in time, and she chose to fight to save her dad and family.

According to USA Today, Heffelmire is like any other teenage girl – except for the fact that she exhibited exceptional strength over Thanksgiving break when her dad became trapped under a car. Reportedly, Eric Heffelmire was lying on his back, working on a corroded brake line in his GMC truck, when the jack gave out the vehicle pinned his body to the ground. Though that was a disaster in itself, the situation got worse… The truck’s spread gasoline everywhere that was ignited into a fire.

The teen went running when she heard the commotion. As she approached the scene, she saw her father lying underneath the truck and something within her buckled. She lifted the truck off Eric with “crazy strength.” When she talked with the press, the Air Force Academy student explained that there was so much adrenaline coursing through her body, it felt as if the truck weighed nothing. 

Though the vehicle was flaming, Charlotte jumped inside the cabin and drove it outside on three wheels. Then, she hustled her family out of the house, called 911, and closed the garage door to contain the disaster.

In her mind, she did nothing special. But for her heroic actions, the Fairfax County Fire Department in Virginia awarded her the Citizen Lifesaving Award.

“I just did what I had to do, so I don’t feel like a big hero or anything,” Charlotte Heffelmire said.

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