Teenager Thought His Life Was Perfect Until Police Visit His House

When couples go through difficult or angry breakups, it’s usually the children who suffer the most. In this particular case, this young boy never knew that he was the casualty in the midst of a nasty divorce. In fact, he didn’t really remember his parent’s marriage all that much. That’s because his father decided to abduct him when he was just 4-years old, raising him on his own.

But around 13 years later, through his own doing, he found out the painful truth.

Julian Hernandez

Source: http://d3ustg7s7bf7i9.cloudfront.net/

Julian Hernandez was just a young boy when his parents would decide that they couldn’t make things work out in their relationship. And like many children caught in between a mother and father fighting, the circumstances were going to make his father do something terrible.

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