Terminally Ill Mother Mysteriously Murdered- New Details Emerge 3 Years Later

Threatened at knife point

Credit: STLToday.com

As the man entered her car, he took out a knife and stuck it to her neck. According to Pam, the man kept telling her that they were going to go to the bank to get Russ’ money. The man, according to her, kept looking back over his shoulder, as if he was worried that people might be witnessing what was going on. He also kept yelling at her.

Thinking fast

Credit: Fox2News.com

She claimed that she got away from the man when she struck his arm with her arm, knocking the knife out of his hand. Pam quickly ran out of the car and into her house, while the man pursued her. She said he yelled that he was going to kill her. She also said that she tried calling 911 a few times. She thought that she wouldn’t be able to keep the man out of the house, so she ran upstairs to her room where she kept a gun in her nightstand. As the man approached, she quickly drew the gun and shot him.

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