Terminally Ill Mother Mysteriously Murdered- New Details Emerge 3 Years Later

The woman from “Dateline TV show”

She had the murder of Gumpenberger to frame Russell planned for days and even attempted to get other people involved in her scheme. According to police, they had interviewed a woman who called 911 on August 10. The woman said that a white female in a dark-colored SUV pulled up to her while she was outside her house. The woman in the car identified herself as someone from Dateline who was driving around trying to get people to do a sound bite for an episode they were doing on 911 calls.

Her story did not sound credible

Credit: CNBC.com

The woman in the car said she would pay her $1,000 up front. She would also pay her another undisclosed amount after completing the sound bite. The woman initially agreed to do it but changed her mind when the woman who picked her up couldn’t provide any credentials. She also felt that the other woman’s story did not sound credible.

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