Terminally Ill Mother Mysteriously Murdered- New Details Emerge 3 Years Later

Pam as a witness in Betsy’s case

Credit: KMOV.com

Hupp became a witness in the widely covered murder trial in the death of her friend Betsy Faria. At the time of her death, Betsy was suffering from terminal cancer. Russell, her husband was convicted of her murder. Later, he was given a new trial after his defense attorneys appealed that he should have been given the chance to present evidence of the involvement of Hupp in the death of his wife. The prosecution relented and Russell was acquitted.

Asserting his innocence

Credit: STLToday.com

Observers argued that Russell was innocent. They claimed that he was falsely convicted and his acquittal made him a victim who is now seeking justice for the death of his wife. Authorities scrambled to find the real killer who continued to remain at large. Five days before Betsy’s death, she changed the beneficiary on her life insurance policy to Pam. This evidence raised more suspicions on Pam Hupp’s involvement.

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