The 20 Most Damning Revelations From WikiLeaks

Credit – Reuters

WikiLeaks has certainly made this year’s US presidential election very interesting. The non-profit organization for government transparency has released thousands upon thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee as well as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. The revelations from these leaked emails and documents have been truly astounding with far-reaching implications. Below is a list of the 20 most damning revelations exposed by recent WikiLeaks releases.

1. Stratfor Employees Say Hillary Had Vince Foster Killed

A WikiLeaks email from Stratfor employees has implicated Hillary in the murder of at least one individual. Stratfor is a global intelligence agency whose clientele include major corporations as well as the US federal government. One Stratfor employee said in an email “I though Vince Foster was the only person the Clinton’s killed. How naive I was.” Though Vince Foster’s death in 1993 has been officially labeled a “suicide,” newly released FBI documents on the case show that the FBI found that “none of the bullets found were fired from Foster’s gun,” including the bullets that killed him. This clearly shows that Foster’s death was NOT a suicide. In addition, the Stratfor employee’s comment “how naive I was” suggests that the Clinton’s involvement in the deaths of others is known to the intelligence community. This correlates with the extensive evidence showing that people who work against the Clintons often wind up dead.

This document from the FBI’s investigation into Vince Foster’s death proves that he was murdered.

2. Hillary Used Her Influence to Protect Convicted Child Traffickers

Hillary has apparently been using her influence to cover up the dirty deeds of corporations and individuals who donate to her campaign, even if they are convicted child traffickers. In one such case, DynCorp, whose parent company donated over $40,000 to Clinton’s campaign, hired a 15 year old male stripper in Afghanistan to dance for them. Hillary was forwarded an article being written about he incident and successfully lobbied for all mention of the boy to be removed from the article. WikiLeaks also revealed that Clinton helped cover up for Laura Silsby, who was caught trying to steal 33 children from Haiti who were not even orphans and had families.

3. Hillary Directed Her Maid to Print Classified Material Numerous Times

While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton regularly asked her maid, Marina Santos, to print out sensitive government emails and documents, including several that contained classified information. However, her housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material, but nonetheless was called on repeatedly to print confidential documents at Clinton’s DC residence. The FBI confirmed this as do numerous leaked emails. Clinton also frequently forwarded classified emails to her butler/property manager Oscar Flores, who also printed emails and documents for Clinton despite having no security clearance to do so.

4. Obama Lied: He Knew About Hillary’s Private Email Server and Wrote to Her Using a Pseudonym; Clinton Aides Tried to Cover it Up

President Obama was publicly asked if he knew anything about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which she used while serving as Secretary of State. He denied every knowing about it, saying that he learned about the whole incident when it was first reported on by the mainstream media. However, WikiLeaks have proven this to be an outright lie as Obama not only knew of Clinton’s use of a private server, he also corresponded with her private email address using a pseudonym. Cheryl Mills, a Clinton aide and lawyer, said in an email that “we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say” Another longtime Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, exclaimed “how is this not classified?” when the FBI showed her the email correspondence between Clinton and Obama.

5. Hillary Willingly Took Money From Nations She Knew Were Funding ISIS

True Activist previously covered this bombshell email from WikiLeaks where Clinton herself admits that the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia “are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” Clinton has received millions upon millions of dollars from these same governments over the years despite openly admitting that they fund terrorism. In addition to funding terrorist organizations, Saudi Arabia and Qatar throw LBGTQ people off of buildings, persecute non-Muslims, and legalized the rape and beating of women. It is estimated that Saudi Arabia has funded as much as 20% of Clinton’s presidential campaign.

6. Hillary Connected to DNC-Sponsored Group Who Incited Violence at Trump Rallies

WikiLeaks, along with Project Veritas, exposed that high level Clinton staffers as well as Clinton-aligned super PACs were paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies, even paying the homeless and mentally ill to agitate Trump supporters. Undercover video footage confirms that they were behind a riot in Chicago that injured numerous police officers. They also convinced their “protestors” to pretend to be Bernie Sanders supporters while actively engaging in violent tactics. Bob Creamer, the man behind this behavior, said that the campaign knew everything. Creamer visited the White House 340 times over the last 8 years, meeting with the President himself 45 of those times.

7. Clinton Campaign Wants “Unaware” and “Compliant” Citizens

In a leaked email previously covered by True Activist, Bill Ivey, an advisor to the Clinton campaign, discussed how the US political elite have “all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” He went on to say that “the unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking.” This email has truly dark implications regarding the US political system as well as how the US political elite view everyday Americans.

8. King of Morocco “Donated” $12 Million to Clinton Foundation for Access to Hillary, Morocco Received Weapons 6 Months Later

After announcing her candidacy for the presidency, Clinton accepted a $12 million donation via the Clinton Foundation from the King of Morocco in exchange for a meeting with her. Leaked emails revealed that this “pay to play” deal was “HRC’s idea,” spurring one of her closest aides to say “She created this mess and she knows it.” Only a few months after this meeting, a $157 million weapons deal was made between the US and Morocco.

9. Hillary Has Different “Public” and “Private” Positions on Policy

As True Activist previously reported, the leaked transcripts of Hillary’s paid speeches to big banks and other organizations exposed that she has distinct opinions on policy when she is in public and when she is not. For example, Clinton is privately pro-fracking but publicly against it. She is also privately against gay marriage but publicly supports it. This is essentially proof that Clinton lies to the public repeatedly, a fact even her staff has admitted in other leaked emails.

10. Hillary Tries to Hide her Tiny Rallies

Leaked emails show that attendance at Clinton’s rallies was so dismal that a policy was put in place by Clinton’s campaign to hide this fact from the public. If less than 100 people came, cell phones and the press were prohibited. If over 100 people attended, then cell phones were allowed but TV cameras were prohibited. One print pooler would then be escorted for her remarks only and then removed. Confiscating cell phones from attendees is unprecedented, but was the only way for Clinton’s campaign to prevent people from exposing the low turnout at her rallies. However, evidence of the low turnout leaked out regardless, to the embarrassment of the Clinton campaign and the media outlets that worked to cover it up.

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