The Great Earth Revival

earthrevBy: Rob Greenfield,

True Activist.

Fellow Beings,

We live in an interesting time, an exciting time.  We live in an era where we just may witness the survival or the extinction of the human race.  If not ourselves then maybe our children.  We are aware that we are destroying the natural world at a rate much faster than it can heal itself.  We are aware of our destruction.  Most humans are just too lazy to do what needs to be done.  Most humans are too lazy to think past their own little life. Billions of humans deny or completely avoid that they are destroying the environment.  Maybe that’s a way of self-protection, to feel ok about their lives.  Maybe it’s feeling helpless and hopeless, like their action doesn’t count.

It’s undeniable that we are destroying the earth.  But once we are gone I think the earth will repair itself and it will be better off with out us.  It will be better of without us, the way we are now.  But if we could unite to live for more than ourselves, for humankind, for other creatures, for the earth, then maybe the earth would be better of with us.  We are a pretty special creature after all.

Most scientists are pessimistic of the outcome of the human race.  Most people who’ve deeply analyzed our pattern of treatment of the earth see an end to life as we know it in the near future.  Most corporations have little to no plan for the future, just a plan of how to pull in as much money as possible right now at the expense of our earth.  I, for some reason, am optimistic.

Even though I see evil prevailing on most of the streets that I walk, I am optimistic.  Even though I see evil in most of the homes I visit, I am optimistic.  I am optimistic because of the remaining wide-open spaces that exist.  Because of the crystal clear creeks I’ve drank from in New Zealand.  Because of the kangaroos I’ve hopped with in Australia.  Because of the giraffes I’ve roamed with and the gazelles I’ve pranced with in Africa.  Because of the vast sects of woods I’ve lost myself in.  Because of the otherworldly reefs I’ve snorkeled through in Indonesia.  Because of the poison dart frogs that have mesmerized me in Colombia.  Because of the Orangutans that have shared a tree with me in Borneo.  Because of America’s national parks vast enough for me to roam freely in for a lifetime.

I’m optimistic because these places will likely live on with or without us.  If we change our ways many generations of the human species will get to enjoy life on earth and all the beauty it has to offer.  If we continue our destructive path we will die off, as will many of the creatures and plants.  We’ll have been on the earth for a mere blink of the Mother’s eye but she will recover and life will resume without us.  Our destruction could take thousands of years to heal but the earth will heal the wounds we’ve inflicted and she’ll be fine.  Just as a scab covers a wound on our skin and then slowly fades away the earth will cover the wounds we’ve inflicted and she will return to her magnificent form in one manner or another.

I’m selfishly optimistic because I think the complete destruction will take until I am an old man or dead of old age.  We’ll run out of fuel for our vehicles but I’m ok with that because I don’t need them anyway.   Many of our modern conveniences may be no more.  Life may be nothing like we know it today, but that’s ok because I’ll adapt with the changes.  Maybe we’ll no longer have a choice but to start living a more earth friendly lifestyle because we won’t have the resources to over harvest and over consume.    I’ve learned to be happy simply by being.  I’ve learned to be happy without access to modern conveniences and luxuries.  I’ve learned to take joy in a grain of sand, a drop of water, a blade of grass, a run down industrial building, watching rats scurry in the subway, or sitting in the pouring rain.  I’m happy be alive no matter the circumstances and I’m going to keep smiling.  I’ll spread happiness and that will give me joy, no matter my circumstances.

The earth will go on with our without us.  But I’d prefer to keep swimming in the cool clear lakes.  Id’ prefer to wander through the woods and breathe in the fresh air from nature’s trees. Id’ prefer to lie in the prairies and watch the fluffy white clouds above me float by.  I’d prefer to get caught in mid afternoon storms. I’d prefer to hear the singing of the songbirds, the buzzing of the bees, and the laughter of children all in one place.  I’d prefer to see my love shivering in the cold and sweating in the heat of the sun.  I’d prefer to walk down the streets and say hello to my neighbors. I’d prefer for the human race to live on and find harmony and balance with our Mother’s other children.

I’m going to be open minded about the continuation of our race.  I’m going to embrace whatever the next decades on earth bring.  I’m going to keep on smiling no matter the circumstances.  I’m going to continue to do my part no matter how bad or how good things get.

We live in an exciting time. The humans of the 21st century, that’s us, get to choose whether our race will live on or take our last breaths as a species.  We get to choose whether our community of seven billion beings lives or dies.  What an exciting time to be alive!  We just may get to witness the earth reach it’s threshold or quite possibly the greatest comeback story of all time.

I’m rooting for the greatest come back story of all time but I’ll be ok with either because I’ll know that I did my part to save the human race.  I’ve dedicated my life to keeping our earth beautiful.  I’ve dedicated my life to waking up our sleepy race and inspiring my fellow humans to take action.  I’m going to inspire millions of people to live a life that revives our Mother.  Those people I inspire are each going to inspire a couple of people too.  And those people will inspire more.  And out of the millions that I inspire I hope a few will become great leaders and inspire millions more.  If we started today in this manner the world could be touched on every corner of every continent, in just a short time.  If we can live beyond ourselves we will see a ground swell of inspiration, of love and respect for one another, for our fellow creatures, and for our earth.  We will see our world come back to life and we will see true abundance like it has never been seen before.

Be a part of the great earth revival.  Be a part of the greatest comeback of all time.  This is the start of the greatest greening of the earth since the earth first saw the color green.

It starts with you.  It starts with me.  It starts with your children, your classmates, your fellow employees, your boss, your parents, the guy biking past you on the street, the person sitting next to you on the train, the clerk behind the counter at the store.  It starts with every single one of us taking action and doing what we know is right.  To be a part of this revival you must start from within and lead by example.  The most powerful way to lead is by showing what must be done.  Check to see if your heart is beating right now.  If it is, you know what to do.

Start today.  Start now.  Don’t waste time.  Life is precious. Live it.  Be Alive.  Embrace life.

Others will see your heart pumping more blood than ever before.  Others will see your smile bigger than ever before.  Others will see you taking action and leading by example.  And they will follow you, just as you are following these words right now.  You will be a part of this earth comeback and you will live on to tell the next generation of the time when humans nearly destroyed the earth.

The butterflies will still be fluttering their wings.  The birds will still be singing their songs.  The wind will still blow leaves off the trees in the fall.  The bees will still be buzzing.  Children will still be laughing.  And you’ll be proud to know that you were a part of the revolution.

Fellow beings,

It’s not going to be easy but it is going to be rewarding.

We’re going to cry but we’re going to learn to smile like never before.

It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be the most exciting time of our lives.

Start the great earth revival today.

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